To create life-giving experiences for relational growth with God and others


Expanding God’s kingdom through wilderness experiences


Guiding principles



The beauty seen in Creation reflects God’s glory, and it reminds us of what we were created for. However, our consumer-driven culture, filled with smartphones, marketing campaigns and ever-expanding skylines, often prevents us from hearing the voice of God. When we slow down and immerse ourselves in the beauty of His creation, we can hear his voice more clearly, and we’re reminded of who we truly are in christ: beloved children of god.



Being made in the image of god, and being created to exist in community, we all long to be fully known and fully loved. When grace (acceptance) and truth (reality) are experienced together over time, we become the people God created us to be, and we experience intimacy with Him and each other.



Any adventure requires a willingness to step out one’s comfort zone and trust those around you. Yet when we take these steps of faith, we come alive and become more of who God created us to be. Being made in God’s image, He has placed within us a desire for adventure and a longing for exploration. Through outdoor adventure and retreat, we want to help people experience the thrill of personal and spiritual growth and discovery.